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The warning symbol helping humans see ingredients that are not nice for pets.

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Our precious fur babies are at risk of getting sick because one in three naughty humans don’t know some ingredients they think are yummy are not nice for animal tummies. We’re asking pet owners, brands, retailers and food and drink manufacturers to support the Paws Off! warning symbol.

It’s the first of its kind designed to alert people to products that contain ingredients that are not safe to share with pets.

Warning symbols such as the don’t-drink-alcohol-when-pregnant and keep-out-of-reach-of-children have been keeping people safe for years. We believe that protecting the pet life and keeping dogs and cats safe is just as important. Check out the ingredients, download the Paws Off! warning symbol for free and share this important project on social media to help us raise awareness. For press and partnerships email us at



Paws Off! is a pet project by Southern Cross Pet Insurance and part of their mission to help all NZ pets live their best lives for longer. Thanks to all of our partners who have joined the movement.

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All statistics and figures on this site and promoted by Paws Off! are from research completed by Pure Profile in 2022.